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Helping Veterans And Military Families

Hart Kienle Pentecost recently had the opportunity to assist a newly formed non-profit group. We managed the process for obtaining the new entity’s tax exemption certificate from the Internal Revenue Service pursuant to Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)3. That means that this newly formed entity, The Patriots Initiative, can lawfully receive tax deductible contributions.

The Patriots Initiative is headquartered in San Diego County and its primary function is to evaluate the numerous charitable veteran’s groups that operate throughout the U.S. Specifically, The Patriots Initiative ranks such organizations by analyzing how cost effective that veteran’s group is on a dollar for dollar basis.

For example, there are some non-profits that spend better than 90% of their total revenue on their charitable objectives. In contrast, there are many non-profits where less than 50 cents of each dollar raised is actually spent to benefit veterans or their families; the balance going to internal operations and administration. For a donor seeking to get the most “bang for the buck” this information might be a key metric for a prospective donor.

The Patriots Initiative regularly publishes their data and makes information available to anyone who wants to evaluate a non-profit military veteran’s support group.

Hart Kienle Pentecost is gratified that we could assist The Patriots Initiative successfully complete the challenging IRS process. We recommend you visit their website and check them out.