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Client Testimonials

“When my Dad passed and an unexpected probate situation arose, I was referred at the correct time to this firm for assistance with the Probate litigation. I was feeling lost and alone in a process with which I was completely unfamiliar, and Andrew Kienle expertly traversed what seemed like choppy waters to me. The process was smooth and clean once he stepped in, and he kept me informed at each step in the process. His advice matched with the values I expressed, and the outcome showed that he is truly listening to his clients and understanding of the needs of the client. He is great at getting to the right path quickly which saves costs for the client (time/emotional/money) and he is honest about the right approach for the case, even if you may want to hear something different. In the end of my probate situation, I was happy with how it turned out, and the peace afforded me by having his Professional expertise leading the way during this confusing time of my life. When a relative dies, a person becomes vulnerable, and where so many would prey on that vulnerability ( as occurred in my case which is why I sought legal help in the first place), Andrew and his firm were courteous and compassionate, patient and professional. Andrew’s very business-like approach combined with his personable style and ability to explain legal jargon in terms I can understand, and his quick response helped me on every part of this journey. I would answer my phone quickly if Andrew’s office called, because I *knew* there was progress. I could be that confident. Andrew and his firm do not waste time, and also take the time it requires within due course to get the job done correctly, most accurately and with beneficial impact in mind. While the other party struggled just to get forms filed correctly, Andrew always had us filed timely and accurately. Never an issue. And that is a big deal in Probate cases. All steps timely and accurate. Expertise, Integrity and Compassion ~ three things lost on most of the world, and you can find them all at this Firm. Create a relationship with Andrew and his firm with confidence. I am forever grateful for the assistance in my case. Thank you!”
– Expertise Shows! Knowledgeable, Helpful, Hears the Need, Concise and Efficient..
5.0 stars
Posted by Julie

“It’s important to pay attention to each specific details and know your craft to be great, HKP does that to perfection. In my line of work I deal with many legal teams in multiple states. No one does it better than HKP. My “go to” is John Pentecost, but that entire firm is solid and gets things done.”
5.0 Stars
Posted by Mondo J.

“I have dealt with this firm for quite a few years and have experienced stellar performance and wonderful customer service. I am an SVP of a large portfolio of communities and needless to say, we demand excellence! Hart Kienle Pentecost has satisfied and fully delivered a consistent, professional service to our company. The team at the firm is far above meeting our expectations! Thank you to all at Hart Kienle Pentecost!”
5.0 Stars
Posted by Susan K.

“I don’t often give five stars, but this firm helped me immensely when I was a trustee of a family trust and a disgruntled sibling was creating major roadblocks every step of the way, preventing me from finalizing all the particulars. I had the awesome chance of being represented by Mr. Kienle, who came highly recommended as a trial attorney. You can put your trust in this law firm. They are very knowledgeable and professional and are always on their toes and up to fate with the ever changing world of law.”
5.0 Stars
Posted by Jeanine B.

“I’m currently working with Mr. Ryan Jones on a legal matter and have been impressed with his professionalism and communication skills. I hope for a positive outcome for all parties.”
5.0 Stars
Posted by Hashem H.

“Much gratitude for HKP & specifically John Pentecost for their upmost professionalism and keen industry knowledge in the MHP world. Thank you John and Kara for setting up a webinar for you clients to learn more about smart water metering with Metron Sustainable Services!”
5.0 Stars
Posted by Bill B.

“We retained the services of Andrew Kienle for support with a relatively small and straightforward probate matter. While a few other prospective attorneys told us the matter ‘wouldn’t be worth their time,’ Andrew’s commitment and integrity were evident from our very first conversation with him. As we got underway, he reviewed the circumstances and communicated a clear and rational legal strategy. He then efficiently led the process, staying with us even after he was promoted to partner, until the matter was successfully resolved. Andrew and his firm demonstrated the highest level of professionalism throughout the process, from personal communications, to court filings, to extremely fair and transparent billing practices. Should help for another legal matter arise, our first call will be to Andrew Kienle.”
– Anonymous

“Andrew has Given me More Value For One Hour of His Time Than Others Couldn’t Match With a Day.
5.0 stars
Andrew was referred to me by another attorney that told me he was very good and very reasonable. I believe they were right. :)”

“Andrew is hands down the best and I Will recommend him and his team to anyone. I was looking for help during a very trying time in my life and this firm was recommended to me. From the very beginning Andrew answered every question I had and there were a lot of questions. But he was very patient and understanding with everything and also the time difference. During the past couple years if I needed something he was always available to help quickly and with a high level of professionalism. I can’t say it enough I highly recommend Andrew and this firm he helped me so much with my case and kept me updated through the entire process until everything was taken care of. I felt at ease throughout the whole experience. You want to be confident in who is representing you and that they have your best interest at heart and I felt that way the whole time. If you’re looking for a trustworthy lawyer who will get the job done Andrew is the best.”
– Anonymous for Firm (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle)

“Thank you to this professional lawyer who provided the knowledge and compassion in dealing with my case. All areas of communications, were seamless and responsive. I was able to reach our lawyer via phone, text and email, who answered all my questions and provide sound advice. The knowledge, integrity and responsiveness provided the confidence I had in working with our lawyer and a successful outcome. Andrew was compassionate, determined, good at explaining, knowledgeable, organized, professional, reliable, responsive, trustworthy, won my case!”
– Sherri D. (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle on a trust administration matter)

“The best decision I made was to reach out to you by association your network. I’m convinced that the law profession breeds some of the finest minds but I’m really privileged to know and be represented by you. We your clients are all the better for it. So once again I cannot thank you enough for all that you guys have done for me and family.”
– Kofi E. (Review of Partner Chris Elliott on a real estate/insurance matter)

“Thank you for all of your help and professionalism with both matters!”
– Robert A. (Review of Partner Chris Elliott on two construction matters)

“Worked with John and Bill on a couple of complex cases that were eventually resolved to my favor. Was impressed with performance, knowledge and honest billing practices. One of the best firms I was ever dealing with in a past.”
– Vlad A.

“I have been working with the Hart Kienle Pentecost firm for over thirty years, both as a resource to refer clients (I’m an attorney) and as a client myself. They have a wide range of highly skilled professionals who can deal with most legal matters in an expeditious and professional manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to call Bill Hart and his team for legal help.”
– Tim T., Esq.

“Thank you so much for all your help and especially your unwavering professionalism in some very tough moments. I always felt I was in good hands.”
– Emily B. (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle on a family business and estate dispute)

“As a longtime owner/operator of numerous institutional quality manufactured home communities within and outside of California, I have engaged Hart Kienle Pentecost several times to represent our various ownerships. They were tireless and dedicated advocates in handling our issues. Besides their outstanding legal work, the two attributes that I appreciate the most from Hart Kienle Pentecost is their continuous communication concerning the status of the case and their ethical and experienced advice as to the best action to take for the best outcome for us (settle, litigate or move-on). Litigation can be the best for law firms but I never felt that was a factor when advised by Hart Kienle Pentecost. When asked, Hart Kienle Pentecost is the first and only firm I recommend to other MHC owners who want the highest quality California law firm.”
– Casey K., Retired Manufactured Home Executive

“I have confidently referred clients to the Hart Kienle Pentecost firm for many years. I first became acquainted with Hart Kienle Pentecost when I was representing a beneficiary of a trust and Hart Kienle Pentecost was representing the Trustee in a contested trust matter. Being an adversary to Hart Kienle Pentecost was very challenging, to say the least! Although we were on different sides, I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail of Hart Kienle Pentecost and their zealous representation of their client. Since that time I have come to rely on Hart Kienle Pentecost to handle complex litigation matters regarding trusts, wills, and conservatorships. In particular, Bill Hart and his partner, Andrew Kienle and his staff have gone above and beyond to serve my clients well both in and out of the courtroom. I know that my clients are in good, expert hands if Hart Kienle Pentecost represents them.”
– Brian M., Estate Planning Attorney

“You were brilliant throughout. Thank you.” – Cassandra P. (Review for Managing Partner Andrew Kienle after a trust matter resolved)

“Knowledge plus preparation wins. I have personally and professionally retained Hart Kienle Pentecost (Most frequently Bill Hart, and his partner Rachelle Menaker) since 1995. All wins, no losses. The professional knowledge and preparation of the entire Hart Kienle Pentecost staff is unparalleled. Married to the highest standard of professional ethics and standards they provide an unbeatable formidable team to have on your side.”
– Jim L., Insurance Marketing Company Executive

“Thank you so much for your diligence in the ****** Trust case Andrew, I truly believe that your efforts hastened the final outcome.  I have never needed an attorney before but this experience has delighted me and if I should need one in the future I will call upon you to handle my case.”                                                                                                                                 – Craig B. (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle on a Trust Litigation Matter)  

“As a CPA firm here in Orange County our real estate clients have come to depend on Hart Kienle Pentecost‘s high quality of legal care especially when it comes to litigation matters. Their entire team of attorneys go the extra mile to protect our clients whenever they are presented with challenging legal matters which have become so pervasive in the last few years. This firm seriously rocks for their clients.”
– Brad H., CPA

“When our firm refers a client for trust or probate litigation to Hart Kienle Pentecost, we know they will receive the highest level of professionalism and skill.”
– Gary T., Esq.

“I highly recommend attorney Bill Hart of the law firm, Hart Kienle Pentecost. I enlisted the service of the firm on several occasions for both business and personal matters. I have found the attorneys very professional and effective. Recently, Bill Hart represented me on a personal legal issue. Mr. Hart did his full due diligence in preparation for the case, he had broad knowledge of the matter and was extremely organized and detail-oriented. His astute manner, actions and his methodical ways of communication were very impressive in litigating the case in court. Bill Hart went above and beyond the call to get the results needed for my situation and he was so determined to ensure a favorable outcome. I thoroughly appreciated his expertise!”
– Dan R., Business Owner

“I am so grateful for your help through this incredibly difficult process. I am SO glad this is finally over and I can move on to closure and healing. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.”
– Heather N. (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle on a Trust Litigation Matter)

“As crazy as it sounds I had great experience with this unnecessary lawsuit against me. I learned a lot and you (Partner Andrew Kienle) did a great job! I am so thankful that you were willing to work with me and I am so pleased with the outcome. I know my mom and dad will have peace now and for that I am really thankful and appreciate all you did. I have already been sharing with a lot of my clients and friends on what great experience it’s been working with you and how kind you have been throughout.”
– Susan M. (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle on a Trust Litigation Matter)

“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, support and kindness shown to both myself and my family members during this difficult time. I am so very grateful I was given your name to contact when I was at my wits end in knowing what to do. You gave me hope for logic and solution during a time when it seemed there was not much to be found.”
– Donna M. (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle on a Trust Litigation Matter)

“I was referred to Mr. Kienle in a trust matter after being turned down by another firm because they didn’t think I had a strong case. Once Andrew was on board, it was “game on.” He instilled confidence and calm reserve while I was an emotional mess. We were able to mediate a fair agreement and I am very satisfied with my outcome. My settlement was quite significant and he basically “blew away” opposing counsel, hands down. Thank you so much, a weight has been lifted!”
– Mary F. (Review of Shareholder/Managing Partner Andrew Kienle on a Trust Litigation Matter)

“We at J & H Asset Property Mgt. have developed a great partnership with Hart Kienle Pentecost and their dedicated staff over the years. We appreciate their attention to detail and approach in resolving complicated legal matters. Their team is attentive, responsive and dedicated. We entrust Hart Kienle Pentecost with legal assistance and advice to move us forward in this litigious society, keeping the best interests of our clients at heart.”
– Thomas P., Property Management VP

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