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Access and modifications to mobile home lots in parks

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Contract breach

Mobile homeowners are free to do what they want with the interior of the dwelling. When they reside in a mobile home park, there are limits to what they’re allowed to do outside. As a park owner or management company, it is imperative that you clearly convey the guidelines for the exterior modifications that are allowed on each lot.

By placing the rules in the contract, you will have the legal backing to take action against a tenant who makes modifications that aren’t within the guidelines. The 2019 California Mobilehome Residency Law stipulates that homeowners can only modify the space if the changes are within compliance with local ordinances, state laws and park rules. It also requires that they receive written approval from park management for modifications if the rental agreement or the park rules say this is necessary.

The exterior of the property is subjected to inspection by management but only if it is at a time and using a method that doesn’t impede on the resident’s ability to enjoy the home. There are several named reasons for management to enter the exterior space. These include ensuring that rules are being followed and for maintenance of driveways, trees and utilities.

When tenants don’t co000000000000mply with the rules of the park or the terms of the contract, you might have to determine what types of action to take. While many infractions can lead to an eviction, this might not always be the best option. In some cases, working with the tenant might be beneficial. If you do decide to pursue eviction, you must ensure that you’re in compliance with the law and that you protect your rights.