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Know your responsibilities as a mobile home park owner

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Firm News

Mobile home park owners have specific duties that are noted in the California Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL). This law also contains a host of responsibilities for the owners of each individual mobile home. It’s imperative to understand the law so that you or the park management don’t do anything that goes against it. 

There isn’t any lawful way to circumvent the terms named in the MRL. It is illegal to have a homeowner sign a contract that waives any of those rights. Once the homeowner signs the document, the park owner or management has 15 days to provide them with a fully signed copy. 

The rental agreement must contain everything that applies to the rental including the terms of the lease, the rules for the park, and information about how fees are collected. It must also contain the provisions that govern the common areas of the park, such as how sudden breakdowns of community facilities are handled. 

Rental increases are one of the things that are covered under the MRL. Homeowners must be given a 90-day notice prior to any rental rate increase. The MRL also states that homeowners can’t be charged a fee for using common areas of the park, including the clubhouse, as long as all residents are allowed to attend the function. 

Keeping up with all the terms in the multi-page MRL can be a challenge, especially since some terms only apply to certain situations. Working with someone who’s familiar with the MRL and can help you ensure compliance at your park is beneficial and may make it possible to avoid issues in the future.