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Is a mobile home park like an HOA?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Real Estate

If you’re thinking of running a mobile home park or already doing so, you may have heard it compared to an HOA. While there are differences between the two, a Homeowners Association can be a close comparison in the sense that it also gets to set rules that the tenants have to follow. Even though they own their homes — or their mobile units — they are still obligated to follow these community rules. If they do not, you may have grounds for eviction. 

The trouble is that many people still think of the mobile home as exclusively their property, even if they’re renting land in the mobile home park. As such, they may not want to follow rules that they don’t agree with, such as:

  • Whether or not they can have pets
  • What they’re allowed to do about squirrels and other vermin
  • If they can add porches or other features to the unit
  • What they have to do to keep the exterior of the unit in good condition
  • Whether or not they can park cars in the yard

Another common issue that arises is when you try to raise the rent. The contract may stipulate when you can do it and how much it can increase by, but you may still get some pushback from people who feel they should never have to pay a cent more for “their” land — or they may refuse to pay entirely. 

Rest assured, if you have the rules in the contract that they signed, you’re starting on the right foot. Just make sure you know what steps to take if non-compliance becomes an issue.