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The facts about recent MRL changes

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Real Estate

The mobile home residency law (MRL) has recently been updated. As of the 1st of February, 2024, mobile home park managers need to be able to provide written notice to those living in the park about these updates. If they are asked for a copy, they have seven days to comply and provide a written copy of these changes. This only has to be done upon request, so not everyone will get the same copy.

Additionally, operators are supposed to send out the Notice of Homeowner’s Responsibilities and the CARE rate schedule. It’s very important for them to know about the proper paperwork to provide at this time.

Changes to rental applications

One important recent change comes under SB 267. There are new steps that need to be taken when parks are looking at rental applications. Traditionally, credit scores have been used to make these determinations. But now the park may need to consider alternative evidence to see if the individual would be able to pay. This can include:

  • Bank statements 
  • Pay records 
  • Records of government benefits

Essentially, the law recognizes that someone may be able to afford to rent a place to live, but they may have a poor credit score based on financial decisions they made in the past. With these changes, the mobile home park now has to consider that person’s actual income, not just their credit rating or their history. If they are able to pay currently, then they still may be approved to rent the space. 

This can give people a fresh start and more housing options, even with a complex financial past. It’s crucial for all involved to understand these changes to the law and how they may affect their legal rights.