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Why background checks are so vital when you have a mobile home park

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Business law

If you own a Santa Ana mobile home park, the chances are good that you have already been burned by an unreliable or otherwise problem tenant. Perhaps they signed the lease and then proceeded to move extended family members in without permission or turned into “the neighborhood nightmare” every time they drank. 

Either way, the situation is no longer tenable. Now, you have to pay the costs of eviction. Could this have been avoided?

Stringent background checks protect you

Chances are quite good that a thorough and legal background check for your mobile home tenants could allow you to sidestep many potential landlord and tenant problems. These sorts of issues that arise later are costly for you to remedy — and usually avoidable when the proper screening tools and protocols are employed by landlords and property owners.

How are you screening your tenants? If you are relying solely on the applicants’ self-provided information and call-back references, you are leaving yourself open to being scammed by those to whom you would otherwise never rent lodging space.

Where to turn for reliable screening services?

Retaining background check services with a reputable company protects you, the landlord and/or property owner, from any allegations of housing discrimination from denied applicants. Your business law attorney can review any contracts to ensure that your interests are protected and that any terms of the screening process and lease are well within the paraments of local, state and federal laws.

Don’t allow a lapse in the screening processes to cost you money. Get the assistance you need to retain quality tenants in your mobile home park.