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Saying Goodbye is Never Easy – Change for 2022 and Beyond

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Firm News

Change is inevitable. As this second year of COVID-19 draws to a close, we all look forward to a future without the ills the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought upon the entire world. With that optimism in mind, we take this opportunity to announce a change here at Hart Kienle Pentecost. Specifically, Bill Dahlin, who has been with Hart Kienle Pentecost for well over 30 years is moving to Prescott, Arizona. His last day as an official employee of Hart Kienle Pentecost is December 31, 2021. Bill and his wife Wynndi will be physically moving to Prescott AZ in early 2022. They are quite excited.

Bill has promised he will assist Hart Kienle Pentecost and its myriad clients on special projects as might be needed in the coming months. However, all of Bill’s presently pending matters have been reassigned internally and Hart Kienle Pentecost fully expects there to be no negative impact on pending matters.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or simply to say “goodbye“ or “good luck” to Bill. We hope this news finds all of you, our clients and friends, healthy, and filled with optimism for the coming new year. Hart Kienle Pentecost wishes each of you a Happy New Year and hope you will be blessed with a prosperous and healthy 2022.