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Handling disputes with your tenant

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Real Estate

As a landlord, you are probably aware that disputes are bound to arise between you and the tenants at some point in time. Unfortunately, such misunderstandings are almost unavoidable, and it is essential that you know how to deal with them.

There is no clear-cut way of dealing with disputes, but the method you settle on should be the most effective with the least cost and effect on the parties involved. Below are some tips that can help you deal with any conflict that may arise

Document the source of your conflict

Some tenants are problematic and can bring up a dispute without valid reasons. Therefore, it is important to record all communication with a tenant who has unresolved issues, just in case they try and bring in new angles to an already existing conflict.

Keep calm

Sometimes, even a slight misunderstanding can be the cause of a heated dispute with your tenant. As such, you need to reign in your emotions and try to look at things from their end. Do not lose your temper at any point, and if the tenant is reluctant to talk to you, consider involving a neutral third party to mediate.

How do you resolve such disputes?

Dispute resolution does not have to end in hostility or a bad relationship between you and the tenant. Employing alternative resolution methods like arbitration or mediation may be the best way to resolve conflict with your tenants. However, should that fail, you may want to explore litigation.

It may be expensive and slow, but it is a workable solution to a conflict whose reconciliation efforts have been stalled by the parties’ conduct.

Knowing how to navigate your case will help you safeguard your rights and ensure that all issues are legally addressed.