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Do mobile home communities have HOA-style rules?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Real Estate

A homeowner association, or an HOA, is typically a community of homes that were manufactured for that purpose. People who buy homes in the community want to follow the rules set up by the HOA because they are looking for that homogenous community environment. These can include rules like how to take care of your property, where to park your vehicles, when to put up decorations for the holidays and much more. 

People agree to these rules, in part, because they also get to benefit from community amenities. But if you’re running a mobile home community, or thinking of starting one, you may wonder if you can use these types of rules. Are you allowed to do so?

Many communities are HOAs

In many cases, mobile home communities are also run by homeowners’ associations. You can certainly set things up this way and create the rules that you would like the homeowners to follow. You can also simply have community rules that govern how your mobile home park operates.

Of course, this can create some problems when tenants do not follow the rules. Issues you face may go far beyond trying to get payment from someone who is behind on their rent or something of this nature. You may have to take action against tenants who are lowering the property values or simply not adhering to the rules that their neighbors would like them to follow.

In some cases, this may even mean evicting someone, which can be a very difficult process. You may want to make sure that you understand your legal options as the owner of the community.

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