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2 points to remember about mobile home evictions in California

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2023 | Real Estate

Mobile homes are a cost-effective housing option for many people dealing with California’s economy. For owners of mobile home parks, understanding a bit about the laws related to evictions is critical. 

Most landlords dream about having tenants who pay the rent faithfully and who can take care of the property appropriately. There are a few unique aspects of life as a mobile home park landlord to know, especially when it comes to evictions. 

1. Only specific actions can lead to eviction

Seven very specific things can lead to eviction. These include:

  • Failure to comply with ordinances, laws or regulations after notice was provided
  • Conviction of a felony for something like a drug charge or prostitution
  • Specific actions considered a substantial annoyance
  • Failure to comply with mobile home park rules after being served a seven-day notice to comply
  • Failure to pay rent and utilities
  • Change of use of the mobile home park
  • Condemnation of the park

It’s not possible to remove a tenant immediately. A notice must be provided. 

2. An eviction notice must be served

Different notice terms apply to evictions of a mobile home park resident. These are determined by the point that’s leading to the eviction. In some cases, the notice is provided so the tenant has the opportunity to rectify the problem. For example, a three-day notice may be provided for non-payment of rent so the tenant has a chance to pay what’s due. A change in use of the park would require at least a 60-day notice. 

Following applicable eviction statutes can be challenging because these statutes are so complex. Having someone on your side who’s familiar with these and who can help you to understand exactly what you have to do in specific situations is beneficial.