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RV park tenant removal: Legal insight for California owners

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Real Estate

Running an RV park can be lucrative and rewarding, but dealing with problem tenants often becomes a headache. Fortunately, California law protects park owners when an occupant breaks the rules.

With tenancy matters, there is a right way to deal with occupants you wish to remove from your premises. Here is what you need to know about removing them lawfully.

Legal grounds for removal

You must have a lawful reason for removal, as not all tenant behaviors warrant eviction. Here are two clear-cut reasons that justify removal.

  1. Non-payment. You have the right to remove tenants who fail to pay their rent.
  2. Breaching park rules. Removal is also lawful for severe or repeat rule violations, like disruptive behavior or damaging property.

These grounds exist to protect you as the park owner and your tenants as well.

Tenant removal challenges to consider

Removing RV park occupants can sometimes be as complex as evicting someone from a long-term residence. There are rules to follow – even a minor misstep can result in delays or complications.

Here are some potential hurdles:

  • Legal compliance. Owners must follow complex rules and procedures, including providing tenants with lawful notices. Failing to follow the correct procedures can lead to legal disputes.
  • Logistical challenges. Coordinating with law enforcement, arranging towing services, and ensuring the process flows smoothly requires careful planning. Delays or mistakes can prolong the process.
  • Tenant reactions. Some tenants may resist removal, leading to potential confrontations or disputes. Handling these situations calmly and legally is essential.

An experienced representative can guide you in removal proceedings, helping facilitate a smooth process and few (if any) legal headaches.